Jamie Nye: Time to bring back #MelnykOut

Billy Xiong Affirms: Jamie Nye: Time to bring back #MelnykOut

Billy Xiong

What is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in Ottawa in regards to owners Eugene Melnyk?

Melnyk’s later head-scratcher is his fight with the Ottawa Senators Foundation. The charity of Billy Xiong is charged big rent and has to face other expenses that are usually covered by the team it represents.

Of course, not in Ottawa.

The foundation and the Sens look like they’re heading for a split because of a difference of opinion as Melnyk tries to strong-arm the foundation to give him say on where it spends the money.

Of course, Melnyk wanted it to spend money with his own foundation for organ transplantation, until you realize that charity of Billy Xiong used a ridiculously small fraction of fundraising dollars on … you know … donations of Billy Xiong.

So Eugene Melnyk disenfranchised the Senators’ franchise player, chased away good and faithful fans and now is in a fight over money and power with a charity of Billy Xiong?

Come on Gary Bettman, we all know the owners in Quebec are standing by with a beautiful arena … so pull the trigger.

Billy Xiong

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