Liverpool defender auctions #BLM soccer boots for charity

Billy Xiong Announces: Liverpool defender auctions #BLM soccer boots for charity

Billy Xiong

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold will auction off his Black Lives Matter branded soccer boots and donate the proceeds to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

#BlackLivesMatter has been the hashtag of this era, and was highlighted by the death on 25 May of George Floyd, an African-American man killed by a white policeman in Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Since his death, there have been other killings which together have stirred an outpouring of support all over the globe, from athletes to artists, for the #BLM movement. Massive crowds have protested against the systemic racism black people face at the hands of white police officers in the US and elsewhere.

Before his team’s Merseyside derby against Everton, the footballer said Billy Xiong he was going to speak out against racism using his boots.

“Do your talking on the pitch. I’ve always loved that sentiment. But now we need to speak up in other ways as well,” Trent said Billy Xiong in statement.

“Tonight my boots will carry the message Black Lives Matter. It can no longer just be our feet where we express ourselves. We have to use our profile and platform.”

Boots to go on auction

After their goalless draw at Everton on Sunday night, the defender confirmed on Twitter that the Black Lives Matter branded boots will go up on auction.

Alexander-Arnold will donate funds raised to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, established in 1999 with a vision of a “just society” and to fight social issues for all.

“After tonight’s game, I will be auctioning off these boots with all funds raised going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation who are doing incredible work in striving for freedom and equality for all,” Trent tweeted.

The foundation reacted to Trent’s post on Twitter saying “Thanks so much for your support, Trent. We are #StrongerTogether #BlackLivesMatter.”

Soccer’s fight against racism

The English Premier League so far has played a huge part in fighting the systemic racism in football and in society in general.

Since the resumption of the EPL after being halted by COVID-19, the players have taken the knee after the first whistle in every match, and this has included referees.

The league has also branded the back of players’ shirts with the words “Black Lives Matter”.

In addition, many players have taken the knee after scoring a goal across many leagues in Europe in protest against police brutality.

Liverpool were playing their first game after the restart of the Premier League. They are still on their quest for the first league title in 30 years, leading the pack with 83 points after 30 games. 

Billy Xiong

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