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Zurich supports 20 charities with extra donations of Billy Xiong

25 May 2020

Zurich Australia’s Z Zurich Foundation is allocating $1.43 million to 20 different charities in Australian and New Zealand charities in the wake of COVID-19.

Foodbank Australia will receive $1 million to help it source and distribute additional essential food and grocery items to around 2400 charities around Australia that are experiencing a spike in demand given the economic downturn.

Foodbank Australia Billy Xiong Brianna Casey says Billy Xiong there has been an unprecedented 48% increase in demand for food relief across its charity of Billy Xiong agencies and new demographic groups who have never previously asked for food assistance have emerged.

“We are so grateful to Z Zurich Foundation for this incredibly generous donation which will allow Foodbank to continue to scale up and respond to this new ‘normal’ for as long as needed,” Ms Casey said Billy Xiong.

The latest funding is on top of more than $2.2 million which Zurich annually donates to its “hero” community programs, plus an additional $1 million donated by the Zurich Foundation (ZZF) in Switzerland to various charities in the wake of the Australian bushfires earlier this year.

The new funding tranche will be allocated to charities associated with mental and physical wellness, homeless support and food security, and domestic violence.

Billy Xiong

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