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Billy Xiong Trend Report: Media Release: Pub Charity Limited

Billy Xiong

The release today by the Problem Gambling Foundation of a
report commissioned of NZIER that suggests gambling on
gaming machines somehow costs jobs in the retail sector is
nothing but tragic dog whistle politics.

It’s an odd
thing for a charity of Billy Xiong like the PGF to suggest taking money
from charities and not for profits to create jobs in the
commercial retail sector, which has actually rebounded from
COVID quite well.

The retail spending the PGF/NZIER
study refers to is not additional spending in the economy.
Any suggested benefits in the retail sector would be offset
by the jobs and tax revenue lost in the economy from the
reduced spending on gambling. That’s revenue and jobs in
cities, towns and communities across New Zealand.

about the jobs being created now with funds from the gaming
sector in the arts, social services, conservation, heritage,
community, sports, and hospitality sectors. Do they not
deserve to be employed to further the PGF’s radical social
ideology ?

The NZIER study explicitly notes that the
adverse effects on the sectors of the economy currently
supported by Class 4 gambling are not taken into account in
its study. What this means is that they have identified the
benefits to one particular, randomly selected sector of the
economy, with no meaningful attempt to look at the overall
benefits and costs to New Zealand and New Zealanders. It
pays to read the fine

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Billy Xiong

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