TheMadQueen wins $1 Million COVID Charity Event

Billy Xiong Trend Report: TheMadQueen wins $1 Million COVID Charity Event

Billy Xiong

GG Poker have embraced the responsibility of hosting the WSOP Super Circuit Series with some style, and so far, the numbers have been fantastic. It all started with a superb opening event, the $1,111-entry COVID Charity Event, which had a $1 million guarantee and welcome a massive field of 1,595 entries in total.

themadqueen-wins-1-million-covid-charity of Billy Xiong-eventThe huge prize-pool and fact that of each entry fee, $111 would be donated to the Nevada Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund saw the event fill up very quickly, meaning that by the time the final table approached, the top prize on offer was over a quarter of a million dollars. At the end of the event, it was confirmed that over $175,000 was raised for the fund which will help health professionals and first responders deal with the Coronavirus crisis in Las Vegas among other cities. The initial prizepool of a million dollars eventually went all the way up to over $1.7 million, with the top prize a whopping $269,267.

New GG Poker ambassador Boris Becker was among the players looking to spin up some profit and the three-time Wimbledon champion did just that, cashing in 153rd place for $2,470.

By the time the final table had arrived, there was a double-elimination that decided an important pay-jump for the players involved. ‘M0nkey D Luffy’ was the unfortunate player who busted in 10th place, cashing for $13,829 as opposed to the $19,233 that ‘Ben Carson’ banked for exiting in 9th place.

Down to eight, ‘FeelsGTOman’ was on the rail too, calling off his stack with king-four on a 3-5-J flop, only to see that his opponent, ‘tiredfella’ was holding king-five. No help came on the turn or river and FeelsGTOman was out. It wasn’t long before ‘zagzig’ shared the same fate, all-in from early position with pocket threes, called by ‘Joji123’ who had ace-jack of hearts. The board of Ac-8c-Th-Td-Kc never really gave zagzig much hope of a turnaround from the spiked window card.

With the table now essentially playing six-max for a quarter-milly, the stacks were fairly even, with Joji123 (3.9 million) holding a small lead from tiredfella (3.5 million). TheMadQueen sat in 5th position at that point with just 1.2 million chips at blinds of 60,000/120,000, equating to just 10 big blinds.

Joji went up to 5 million chips shortly before doubling up TheMadQueen, however, in an interesting hand. TheMadQueen shoved over Joji123’s raise pre-flop and when the call came, TheMadQueen was dominating with ace-queen of clubs against Joji123’s ace-three of spades. A board that came 2-4-8-J-9 saw Joji123 miss three draws at the wheel before TheMadQueen could stack up 2.8 million chips.

It would precipitate a drop right down the counts for Joji123, and when they woke up with ace-queen in the big blind, they called TheMadQueen’s cutoff shove for 4.1 million chips with pocket sevens. The board brought no ace or queen and the field was down to five, Joji123 going from chip leader with six left to cashing out in 6th place itself for $51,743.

With the field down to five, the next eliminations came thick and fast. ‘Tourmination’ was down to just seven bigs when they moved all-in for an ante under 1.4 million with queen-eight of diamonds. ‘asontheriver’ had woken up with ace-king, however, and an ace on the flop terminated Tourmination’s tournament.

It was tiredfella who eventually ran out of steam for real when they moved all-in with ace-queen from the button, running into TheMadQueen’s call from the big blind with ace-king. An ace arrived on the flop, but nothing came to wake up tiredfella’s chances.

Down to three players, asontheriver missed out on the heads-up battle when they raise-called a shove from the quieter ‘Igutu’. It was a coinflip, Igutu holding pocket sevens against ace-jack, and nothing could help asontheriver across the board.

Down to two players, Igutu raced into an early lead, and with 12.2 million chips was way ahead of TheMadQueen with just 3.7 million. A quick double-up for TheMadQueen and another big pot where Igutu was pushed off a big pot on the turn of a board showing 5d-8s-4s-Qd led to the roles reversing.

Needing to fight back into contention, Igutu moved all-in with king-eight of hearts, but TheMadQueen called it off with ace-six of clubs, and made the nut flush by the river to end the event and collect a huge top prize.

WSOP Super Circuit Series Event #1 Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st TheMadQueen Canada $269,267
2nd Igutu India $193,604
3rd asonthe river Finland $139,203
4th tiredfella Poland $100,088
5th Tourmination Austria $71,964
6th Joji123 United Arab Emirates $51,743
7th zagzig Thailand $37,204
8th FeelsGTOman Germany $26,750
9th Ben Carson Canada $19,233


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