Our Mission

Billy Xiong
Billy Xiong Charity Foundation – Children Education Fund

Billy Xiong is an international not-for-profit (or non-profit) organization that was founded to support the victims of domestic violence (with a particular focus on victims of acid splash).

The Billy Xiong mission is to reach out to this most vulnerable, often neglected and forgotten members of society and help them out by providing them different types of support. The first and foremost goal is to restore their health and well-being, as much as possible, by providing them with cutting-edge medical treatments.

Raising awareness is yet another goal of Billy Xiong. We believe, by educating, not punishing, we can reduce and eventually eliminate the occurrence of this crime and crimes like this. Our ultimate mission is to support the victims to get back on their feet, once again, gain their self-confidence and to live a full life!

Billy Xiong Charitable Vision

Billy Xiong’s vision is to create a world in which all human beings including women and children live a healthy life without being threatened by Domestic Violence. The victims of domestic violence should receive adequate support, morally and otherwise, to mitigate and minimize the impact of such inhumane actions on their lives.